Relic Master Part 1 by Catherine Fisher

Relic Master Part 1 - Catherine Fisher

This is the first bind-up of Catherine Fisher's Relic Master series. This bind-up contains the books The Dark City and The Lost Heiress. Both of which were amazing reads! The writing is fantastic, as usual of all of Fisher's books, and the plot is so action-packed! There is rarely a moment of calm that happens. I adore all the characters. They all have their own little personalities and quirks that lure you in to who they are and their stories.


Fisher writes what I like to call "Old Magic." Magic as in what you might see in The Lord of the Rings or in any book written before the 80s and 90s. The type of magic you don't get to see anymore. And I love that about her books. This series is full of that. Where you can see the sense-lines of the trees and the earth; talk with their spirits. It's amazing.


I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves fantasy with a lot of adventure and great well-developed characters. In fact, you should read any book by Catherine Fisher. She is awesome, has brilliant ideas and concepts, and knows how to spin a tale~ Also, her creation of the Sekoi is just beautiful~ Can't recommend her work enough!


Now! I am off to start the second part of this series because I really must know what's going to happen next!