Push by Sapphire

Push - Sapphire

I really enjoyed this read. I think the way it was written was pretty clever. Sapphire wrote it as a progression of Precious's literacy. That was brilliant. There were times I felt that it was needlessly graphic just to get to the reader but I suppose that was the point. To show the reader that things like this really do happen in the real world. Also, I would have liked to read a conclusion to Precious's story. I didn't get any closure from the book and that was very disappointing. I wanted to read about her success but the book just kind of... ends without an actual ending.


I do recommend you read this book at least once. For the experience. However, it is VERY graphic. There is a lot of sexual abuse and the author does not shy away from giving you the FULL DETAILS of said abuse. If your stomach can handle that, then go right ahead and read it. If not, then I suggest you stay away from this one.