Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Sapphique (Incarceron) - Catherine Fisher

I am so pleased with how this duology ended up being. I loved the writing, the concepts, the plot, and some of the characters. Not all. Some. My main problem was mostly with the two main characters. Finn was forgettable and Claudia was insufferable. But the other characters I loved. Jared was my favorite, Attia was strong and brave, John Arlex was awesome, and Sapphique was sexy (and I ship him so hard with Jared SHHH!!!). Keiro was... ugh... I couldn't stand him. In fact, I still don't. But... he did make some improvements by the end of the story so... I guess he's not all bad... still want him to fall in a ditch, though.


This was such a fun read and if Fisher ever decided to expand on this world she has created, I will buy that book in a heartbeat! Because I was left wanting so much more! It's just that good~