The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

So I was at the library the other day (seriously, when am I not at the library) looking for random things on the shelf, trying to find something that might catch my interest. I'm not a person that goes to the library with a plan. I just go and pick up whatever looks good. However, sometimes, I recognize an author's name and, depending if I like that author or not, I will pick up that book without any hesitation. This book, The 5th Wave, was one of those books~

Rick Yancey is one of my favorite authors ever. I read his The Monstrumologist series and it's one of the most well-written, action-packed, terribly horrifying series I have read to date... AND IT WAS AWESOME!!! Yancey has a way of pulling you in from the get-go. I love the stories he comes up with and his writing style is so flexible. I don't think I've ever read such a multitude of styles before I stumbled across Rick Yancey. It's so unique. Refreshing!

The 5th Wave is no exception. He starts off the story with a BANG! and ends with another, even bigger, BANG! I was completely blown away by its premise, characters, and plot! Literally everything about this book is just... incredible! It was fast-paced and rarely did it ever slow down. I do have a few complaints about this book. The first being the change in viewpoints. At first, you are following the story from Cassie's, main character, point of view. But then, a bit abruptly I might add, it switches it completely. It threw me off and took me out of the reading experience. After a while, you get used to it, however. So I would like to just encourage any and all readers to push through that first POV change. You'll become used to it and it becomes easier to follow after the first few chapters.

The second, and probably the biggest complaint of all, is the romance. Now, it's not the worst romance of all time. It's not even disgusting like most YA romances tend to be. It's just that it felt a bit rushed and forced at times. The book would have been just as strong without that romance but, eh, what can you do? I, personally, felt it slowed down the book some (especially towards the middle of the book), but like the writing style, you get used to it after the first few chapters of being exposed to it. And like I said, it's not really "bad." It was more like... unnecessary.

However, I still gave this book a five out of five because of its awesomeness! I have no complaints about the characters themselves. Cassie is a strong and capable character. As well as Evan, Ben, Sammy, Teacup, etc. There's really nothing bad I can say about the characters. The plot was just *insert fangril squealing* so good! So much action! So much suspense! It had everything I could ever ask for a book and more! I can't believe it just ended there! Ugh! I want to know more!

Yes, I will be picking up the next book when it is released because I cannot wait to see what happens. You should seriously give this book a read. If the above flaws are things you can overlook, then I really think you are going to love this book. I know I did! <3333