The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Board Book) - Beatrix Potter This is one of the children's books that I read for We Give Books, A Pearson Foundation Initiative to help children all around the world obtain books. It's an organization that gathers many campaigns in one spot on the web to encourage people to read many books for children. With every book you read, one gets donated to the campaign you signed up for. (There's quite a few campaigns available.) A very good friend of mine, Nicole Terazue, recommended this site to me since she knew I loved reading books! (Thanks love!) The campaign I chose to be a part of is called Jumpstart for Young Children. Every book that I read associated with We Give Books gets donated to Jumpstart for Young Children so that less fortunate kids in pre-schools all over America will be able to have more books to read from and learn. It's a fabulous project and I urge all readers, especially parents with young children, to join and help other children less fortunate than our own to read and spread the word of We Give Books. It will benefit children everywhere.

Finally! I read a book written by none other than Beatrix Potter. How long I have waited to read this fabulous children's tale about the mischievous little rabbit, Peter Rabbit. It makes me happy that I read this board version of the children's classic. This particular tale follows Peter through Mr. McGregor's garden despite his mother's warnings and all the crazy hijinks that ensue. The moral of the story is that children should listen to their parents and stay out of trouble. Although I feel this is a very valuable lesson to be instilled in children at a young age (this book is recommended for the ages of 0-3), I also believe that children should be aloud to make their own mistakes. It helps build character. However, with society the way it is, many parents don't seem to agree with me in this aspect so that's fine. As long as the child gets something valuable out of reading this book then I'm quite satisfy. The illustrations to this book is very simple. There's not a lot of color and not a lot of detail but I don't think that's the point of the book. I think the simplicity of the artwork only enhances the trouble Peter went through in order to get back home and be with his mother. It's very sweet and you start to really feel for Peter towards the end. The writing was great. Even though this is the board version, I can see that Potter's writing still shines through for the younger reader to enjoy. My only complaint was how it ended so abruptly. I know if I was to read the original version, I would have enjoyed it a whole lot more. Still, it's a very good book to introduce toddlers into the reading world. I recommend you let your child read any book about Peter Rabbit! ^_^