Phoenix, Volume 2: A Tale Of The Future - Osamu Tezuka One of the best manga I have ever read. Osamu Tezuka truly is a genius for his work. I am award that this is just a part of a twelve part series but considering it's difficult to get your hands on his work in the states, I decided that I will make do with this. And let me tell you I am not disappointed one bit. What I fell in love with here the most was the story. They story really opened up my eyes and... maybe even helped me save it a little. I'd like to believe that I am strong enough to face some things that's been holding me back because of reading this manga. It'd be nice to think that... anyway, I'm rambling. The story was so intriguing and captivating. It starts off in a futuristic world but the way it comes to an end, you'd have no idea you were reading the same manga. I am in awe and usually, I like to stay away from books like this... especially before everything went to hell for me. But now... I'm not so sure. I am more open to things like this. Maybe because I am searching for my own answers but... you have no idea what I am talking about so... I shall continue with my review! XP

The manga style is that of "old school." I quite like it but I am not sure if a younger generation will appreciate it. I think it's great. It looks a bit cartoonish but it does not deter you from the plot. The characters... well, they are the weak point to this manga. None of them are amazing and then tend to overreact over the slightest thing. They really didn't have much depth but with a manga like this, I think that's the point. They are supposed to be shallow and flawed. What Tezuka was trying to say here was that mankind is flawed and they will bring about their own destruction if they do not try to live life differently. As I've said, what makes this manga stand tall is its plot. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you like manga and a story with a deep meaning then I am sure you are going to love this manga. It's so thought provoking and I think it's one of those that's truly worth your time. I wish I could read the rest of the series so that way I can get a better picture of what Tezuka was trying to convey. Maybe one day I can. Until then, I shall admire this wonderful work from the "Godfather of Anime." <3