Fruits Basket, Volume 04 - Natsuki Takaya This series keeps getting better and better! I'm not kidding! The story in this volume really got intense. I would definitely say that this is the saddest volume so far. You really feel for what the characters go through and you can bet you will shed a tear for these beautifully created characters. I know I was tearing up when I was finding out about the past of some of these characters... AND I RARELY EVER CRY FOR ANYTHING!!! My word... the things that happen... it's... just too heart-wrenching for me to even think about let alone write about. Besides, I don't want to tell you what happened. That would be a spoiler, my friends, and I hate spoilers so... go read the manga so that way you'll know what I'm referring to.

Okay, so I really don't need to tell you how awesome Takaya-sensei is. I've said it in my previous reviews so there's no point to repeat myself, right? WRONG!!! XD I'm going to continue to say how amazing she is! I cannot get enough of her. My love for her went up a billion because of this volume. From what she made Haru do, to introducing the snake (which I happen to be), and then... TALKING ABOUT CLOUD STRIFE! WAH!!! HOW FLIPPING AMAZING IS THAT!? DUDE, DUDE, IF YOU LOVE FINAL FANTASY, ESPECIALLY FINAL FANTASY VII, AND CLOUD THEN YOU'LL COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND MY FANGIRLINESS RIGHT NOW! XD If you don't then... what the hell are you doing here? XP I'm just kidding. But no, really, Takaya-sensei is just epic. She talks about video games all the time and you want to know what's the best part? I understand everything she says about them because of how big on video games I am! XD

Well, uh, I guess I should go back to talking about the manga, ne? *Cough* So, as I've said, this volume was particularly sad. The characters went through so much that... I'm afraid to really talk about it because any little thing I say will just give it away. This is going to be another difficult review. Tohru is a constant support to everyone she comes in contact with, Yuki has a lot of things revealed about his past that makes you want to bash Akito for, Akito is an ass ('Nuff said), and Kyo... oh man, Kyo! Why do you play with my heart so? Wah! He's soooooooooooooo sweet! SO CLOSE! SO BLOODY CLOSE!!! Oh well... there's always the future. Nothing wrong with waiting. Yeah, he's awesome. I really think that he's quickly becoming my favorite character...

...but then I think of Haru and HE'S my favorite character again! Oh my God! I just cannot believe some of the shit he does when he's "Black!" God! He cracks me up and makes me fall in love with him all over again! XD Man, I wish I could make him mine... but I can't. So, that's that! XD The Mabudachi trio made an appearance! Shigure, Hatori, and newcomer, Ayame! These three together is crack waiting to happen. Especially Ayame! Really? Offering yourself? Dude, you know I love yaoi. I think you're just doing it to... *GASP* It makes sense now! The connection with the whole snake thing! Le gasp! I didn't think of it before but now... *Faints* ...I can't believe it... anyway! On with the review! I love Ayame. He tried so hard for Yuki... cute~ And you see the pain he goes through because of how he tries to be there for him. Oh, and Ayame, I love Hari, too! X3 I think the one with the saddest story in this volume is Momiji. I won't tell you what happens but... it's his story that breaks my heart the most... *Still wiping away tears*

This volume was very hard to get through. Not because it was bad but because it was so depressing. Yes. I did say that it will start getting darker as time goes on but... I feel that it keeps everything balance so well. You can't just have light and fluffy all the time. Life isn't like that and that's what I love about Takaya-sensei's work. She keeps it realistic even if it does have a fantasy element to it. It's that realistic aspect that keeps me wanting to see what will happen to these beautiful characters. Well, that and the fact that all the guys are hot! *Is so not shallow* XD If you haven't guessed already, I really recommend you pick up this series. It's amazing and not reading it is like not taking a shower for five months, stupid and disgusting. So get to it!