Fruits Basket, Volume 07 - Natsuki Takaya And I will never give this series anything less than a five. There. I just saved you from hanging around my nutty self and seeing what I have to rave about this time. That's right. This review is more raving and more craziness... so... just warning you now. So, let's get started!!! Oh my word!!! This volume was amazing! YES! It was amazing! You got to see another member of the Zodiac, Uo's past, and even see retarded girls fond over Yuki. Okay... so that last part was a bit annoying for me but everything else was great! I love seeing the other members of the Zodiac because they are so different from each other but all have a loving quality about them... if you're smart enough to see it, that is. Also, who doesn't like learning more about these characters? This volume went really into Uotani's past with Tohru and Kyoko. It was really moving and I just loved it.

Takaya-sensei really made me feel, "NO! NOT MY FAVORITE MANGAKA!!! IS SHE ALRIGHT!?" She tells the reader about her time in the hospital. That's right! Hospital. And it made me feel really worried. Although, seeing how she told the story, I was just glad. She has a wonderful attitude on life and it makes me happy that she's doing great. I know this happened years ago but I'm glad that during that time, nothing too bad happened to her. Her family must have been worried. It was a good story and it shows you another side to the great artist who started this series. Is it possible to love her even more because of this? Yeah. My love for her just keeps growing. I don't know how that's possible but... it is! XD The story she wrote for this volume was also sad but... it wasn't as bad as the previous volume, which was nice. I couldn't take anymore depression. XP Oh... and she's doing a fabulous job in making me want to murder Akito (more on that later).

This volume mostly centered around Hiro, Uotani, and Minagawa (although she's a small part compared to the other two). Hiro is another member of the Chinese Zodiac and he's just so cute. Well, physically... inside he's a rotten brat. I'll admit that he can be quite annoying at times... well, most of the time. But I feel that you need to have a certain level of maturity to understand his rebellious nature. I guess I understand why some children act the way they do because I'm studying the child's mentality (I won't bore you with the deets) so for me, I can sympathise with him. Growing up the way I did, I was very angry at a lot of things (myself included) for a very long time so... I suppose I related to him in a way most wouldn't. I urge you, however, don't let his actions deter you from reading this volume. He is a kind boy... you just have to look pass his flaws. Besides, he's just way too adorable with Kisa. <3 My favorite part of this volume is seeing more of Uotani's background. I love seeing how she was when she was younger and seeing how she came to meet Tohru. Her relationship with Kyoko was truly lovely and because of this "flashback," you get to know a little bit about Kyoko as well. One of the greatest back stories told so far!<br/>
Minagawa is just a pathetic schoolgirl in love with Yuki, like everyone else of the studentbody! (I don't get what they see in him. I don't think he's that amazing of a guy. Oh well... I guess I'm in the minority.) I really didn't like this part of the manga but it's not like she's a horrible character. I just think a senior who's just about ready to graduate from high school should be worrying about other things, like exams and college, instead of worrying about boys. Call me a realist. But there's other things good about this particular story! If it wasn't for this story, we wouldn't see two new characters that has nothing to do with the Zodiac join in! But that's all I'm saying about that. The other characters really didn't have big roles in this volume but you do get to see them. Like Hatori! Love him! Too bad Haru wasn't here... *Pouts* ...but Shigure does mention him and Rin! I love Rin but I can't say much on that one either. I will say this... Akito. Needs. To. Die!!! He's the cruelest, selfish, inconsiderate prick I have ever come across in a manga! >_< God damn that bastard! >_< Ugh! He makes me sick! He did something to Kisa that's just so revolting! It's... ew... I don't like him! I don't care what his reasonings are, I just want him gone! >_< Stupid curse making them not blame him. BREAK IT! BREAK IT I SAY!!!

Anyway, this volume got me a bit riled up but that's to be expected since AKITO was there. Well, not there there but... oh just read it and find out for yourself! -_-" There's a lot of things in this volume that might get on your nerves, I know it did me. However, there's so many other things that out-weigh all the annoyance that you care more for the good than the blah. That's right. It's how I speak, so deal. Anyway, I love this manga. I really do. And it's about here where everything starts going... well.. down hill... but in a good way. It makes the series more interesting and there's still quite a few characters we haven't met yet so we still have a long way to go. I'm so excited to see the other members of the Zodiac, see the current characters go through more development, and even see the romance~ I know... I want to see romance... I must have fallen on my head or something. In any case, go and read this series. It's very creative and fun. Just worth the read in my opinion! Well, see you in the next volume! Matta ne!