Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins Oh… where should I begin? *Sighs* I was really hoping that the “hype” on this book was true and that it really was an incredible read. I am VERY disappointed. VERY! I was expecting some of the gag that comes with romance novels. That’s a given. However, I wasn’t expecting to dislike the characters so much. Mostly just the main two… okay, Anna. I really didn’t like Anna. Don’t get me wrong. I did enjoy the story and it was easy to get through. It was the main reason I read it in one day. It was just the whole… “stealing your boyfriend” message I didn’t care for. I am well aware that I am in the minority when it comes to this. People nowadays really don’t care about that sort of thing but… it’s something I take very seriously and since this book was loaded with boyfriend stealing… well, I didn’t much care for it.

I will expand more in details what I didn’t really like later. This review is going to be a long one because I always have too much to say and not enough sense to shut up. If that’s not your thing, leave. If it is then continue reading! <3 Right now I want to talk about what I did like. That being Stephanie Perkins writing style. I think she did a brilliant job in writing a realistic, true-to-today, romance story. Even though I personally didn’t like the story, the fact that she made it realistic and wrote it in such a beautiful way moved me. I was in awe at how she has the ability to put scenes together and make them WORK! She knows just how to make “romantic tension.” If the characters weren’t being so unfaithful, I would have been at the edge of my seat wondering “Holy crap! Are they going to kiss now!?” It’s was very engaging if you… you know… forget about the audacity of it all. XP Also, her descriptions on Paris just made me want to drool. Seriously, I felt like I was there. In Paris. Eating all those lovely foods! Damn it, Perkins! Don’t you know I’m trying to eat healthy!? You are not making me think healthy food by making me read your book… thank you for that! XD This books makes me want to go to Paris and see all the sites! Especially the Panthéon, the Seine, and Notré-Dame! Perkins did amazingly well when writing this book. For that, I applaud her. God, I love Paris!<br/>
Which brings me to the next topic that gets on my nerves: WHY IN THE HELL WOULD ANYONE COMPLAIN ABOUT BEING SENT TO PARIS TO STUDY!? Is Anna bloody mad or what? My biggest complaint about this book is Anna herself. Granted, she has a great sense of humor. She managed to get me to laugh a few times throughout the book but… that doesn’t distract me enough to realize how much a slut she is. She was boy hopping throughout most of the book. Whenever one guy was unavailable, she would go off with someone else like it was no big deal. She had the bad habit of wanting all the guys’ attention even if she pretended like she didn’t. Plus, she had that annoying quality that most girls in YA literature have: THINKING SHE’S UGLY WHEN EVERYONE AROUND HER THINKS SHE’S BEAUTIFUL! UGH! Although, I must admit, the gap in her teeth makes me happy. She’s not exactly a “pretty face” which was a nice change. But it still angers me about everything else about her! Oh! And did I mention she’s a fucking BOYFRIEND STEALER? Yeah! She is. She is fully aware that Étienne St. Clair has a girlfriend yet she keeps butting in… AND GET JEALOUS WHEN HE’S TOGETHER WITH HER! WHAT!? She has absolutely no right to be jealous. He’s taken! She needs to find someone else to flirt—oh, wait… SHE DID! SKANK!!! Alright, so I know Ellie isn’t the perfect girlfriend BUT that doesn’t change the fact that her and St. Clair were together the entire time she tried to separate them. God! SO annoying!

Étienne is no better! He was flirting along right with Anna. The. Whole. Entire. Time. He. Was. With. Ellie. So they were having problems. Big deal! Handle it maturely! And I don’t mean by running to the next girl who comes along! If he was attracted to Anna, the first thing he had to do was break it off with Ellie first, not do what he did. HE REALLY IS A DICK!!! *FUMES!!!* RAGE!!!! *Inhales/exhales* Alright… I feel a bit better now. I will say this: he’s not as aggravating as Anna. At least he has some good qualities like how he sticks up for his friends (which Anna doesn’t do… that whole thing with Bridge was stupid on Anna’s part) and he makes me giggle, too. And there are times when you actually can sympathize with him. For example, whenever the issue is focused on his mother and father. He really had it rough with them. (Anna, even though she complained about her father, gets no sympathy with me. What bad did he do? He makes money in order for her to eat and because he does it by writing sappy romance stories, he’s a bad father… what!? Anna, shut up you dolt.) That was the only time when I didn’t really hate him as a character. But I still think he’s a horrible person. I wonder if it crossed Anna’s mind that if Étienne did it to his girlfriend, he might do it to her one day. Hmm? Yeah… that’s what I thought. To be a bit fair, all this might be my cynical self talking but hey, can you really blame me? She’s stealing someone else’s boyfriend! Doesn’t anyone see the problem in this? Am I the only one? *Crickets* Not again… *Sighs* …okay. I get it. I’m the only one making a big deal about this. I’ll shut up now.

No! Wait! I need to talk about one more thing… SIDE CHARACTERS! I hate Amanda. She’s needs to be thrown out a window. She annoyed me to freaking hell. -_-” Her friends also got on my nerves. Bah! >_< I like Josh, Rashmi, and (just a little) Meredith. They were cool friends. I liked Rashmi because she was all bitchy and didn’t care what anyone thought about her. She said things so bluntly, too, which was just epic! Meredith was alright. I liked the fact that she could speak many languages and, being the complete language buff that I am, I was able to relate to her. However, she fell into the rest of the girl crowd when it came to Étienne St. Clair. I like to say that she suffers from “Yuki Sohma Syndrome” (all my Fruits Basket fans will understand what I mean by this). Stupid girls with the making guys seem perfect when they really aren’t. DX Josh, now he’s someone I adored! I love his laidback personality. His “I Don’t Give a Shit” demeanor was more appealing to me than anyone else’s. His sense of humor was also great. In fact, all of Perkins’ characters were funny. Perkins is funny. XD Anyway, Josh really struck a chord with me and I just thought he was absolutely amazing. Although, I’m kind of sad because, out of all of the characters, he was the only one who really didn’t get a conclusion… annoying. *Twitch* Nate was also cool… we don’t see much of him… I think for like… three chapters… that’s it… but he was amazing when he does appear! XD

I know there’s a possibility that I’m going to get a lot of hate for this review but I’m not going to lie just to please the majority. I realize that a lot of people really do like this book, however, I cannot overlook the fact that it’s basically promoting “boyfriend stealing.” Some may think of it as “true love” shining through. I see it as bull crap. What is wrong with society nowadays that they actually think this is romantic? Romantic? Are you kidding me? This is revolting. Yes, it’s realistic and I already said I appreciated that aspect of the book. But it’s still… disgusting. Anna lowered herself so many times just to get her “man.” And her “man” was being a douche to his girlfriend because another chick came “crashing” into his life. (I should stop using quotation marks for emphasis…) It just annoys me so much how Anna just thinks she was within reason to be upset with Étienne and his girlfriend situation. As I said, the book wasn’t bad. It had lovely depictions and beautiful Paris scenery embedded into the story fantastically. I just wish the message was different. In any case, it is a nice light read that you can finish in one sitting. If you are into this sort of romance then, by all means, go and read it. You might like it a bit better than I did. If you’re like me and think this is more vile than romantic then I suggest borrowing it from the library. (I’m not going to say, “Don’t read it” because I think it’s a good book… just infuriating at times.) Anyway! I hope you enjoyed my mini-tangent and I hope that, despite all my bad-mouthing it, you will still pick up this book. It’s an interesting insight to romance in our day and age!