Trixie and Jinx - Janet Cleland, Dean Koontz This is one of the children's books that I read for We Give Books, A Pearson Foundation Initiative to help children all around the world obtain books. It's an organization that gathers many campaigns in one spot on the web to encourage people to read many books for children. With every book you read, one gets donated to the campaign you signed up for. (There's quite a few campaigns available.) A very good friend of mine, Nicole Terazue, recommended this site to me since she knew I loved reading books! (Thanks love!) The campaign I chose to be a part of is called Jumpstart for Young Children. Every book that I read associated with We Give Books gets donated to Jumpstart for Young Children so that less fortunate kids in pre-schools all over America will be able to have more books to read from and learn. It's a fabulous project and I urge all readers, especially parents with young children, to join and help other children less fortunate than our own to read and spread the word of We Give Books. It will benefit children everywhere.

Now for the actual review! Trixie and Jinx is a very cute, light read for children between the ages of 4-7. I found this book to be very enjoyable. It's about these two friends that do everything together: play video games, read books, playing in the park. Everything. This book teaches young children that the importance of having a best friend, how to get along with a friend, and what it's like to be separated from that friend. There's a lot of value placed on the meaning of friendship, which I think is a valuable lesson that all children should learn. The characters in this book are very adorable and very loyal to one another. I thought it was a very well-thought out little book. I do have one minor complain. The writing is not that consistent. Sometimes it rhymes. Other times it doesn't. It just seemed to go all over the place and I think that might become confusing after a while for the child reader. However, if a parent is there to clear up any confusions the child might be having then I think this book is the prefect choice in helping your child learn what it's like to be a friend. Plus, the illustrations are a nice touch. There's a very unique art-style to the book. I think it can be very pleasing to a child's eyes. ^_^