The Scorch Trials - James Dashner OH MY GOD! SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!! I can't even begin to tell you how good this book is. I am in love with the story James Dashner has created! This is the sequel to The Maze Runner and just like its predecessor, The Scorch Trials is just as epic! There's a LOT of action, crazy twists and turns, the plot is just confusing but awesome, the characters are fun (minus one; more of that later), and you'll just be begging for more once the book is done. I'm telling you, I cannot wait for the last installment of this trilogy because the way it ended... BAH!!! IT MAKES ME WANT TO RIP MY HAIR OUT! CLIFFHANGERS!!! HOW I HATE THEE!!! >_< Anyway, let's get on with the actual review.

As I've said in my review of The Maze Runner, James Dashner is a bloody genius! I'm in awe at how he was able to creatively weave this dystopian novel set in a apocalyptic world. Just the premise of it all is amazing! My words are failing me at the moment but this is truly one of the best dystopian novels I have ever read. I love Dashner's writing style. He's able to keep you at the edge of your seat! The suspense will kill you, it is THAT good! There are times when he writes in such a soothing way~ When the characters are feeling relaxed, you feel relaxed. When they feel excited, you feel excited. When they start shitting pickles because they see deformed creatures coming to cut their heads off, you shit pickles! It's all amazing and I really have to give props to Dashner for pulling it off so well. Another thing he did great on was the pacing and the plot and the craziness and... well, that's more than one thing but you get the idea. He can also keep you guessing... dude, I STILL have no bloody idea what's going on! DX Hopefully, all will be answered soon and it won't be a let down. (A lot of books tend to do that.) I will say there was one thing I was able to predict but nothing that will hinder how awesome this book is. ^_^

Well, now we should talk about the characters. Thomas! Man, I love that boy. He's actually smart! I love it when my main characters our smart. Most of the time, especially in YA, the main character (usually a girl) ends up being stupid. But not Thomas. He actually uses his brain. He's very realistic as well. The emotions this boy displays throughout the entire novel is astounding! He gets angry when he needs to, cry when he needs to, beats the crap out of things when he needs to. He's a born leader even though he has his flaws. What I like most about him is the fact he uses his head. He also doesn't dwell on trivial matters. Trust me, he has plenty of those, however, he worries about them only when the time is right and not when he's about to lose his head, i.e. get it cut off. His main love interest is Teresa. Now, I really did like her in the first book. She came off as badass and just as capable in handling all the craziness as any of the boys. In fact, in this book, being able to carry herself and kick ass like the guys still remain in tact. Her personality is a different matter. In the first book, she's hardly there. You don't see her for most of the book so maybe that's why I found myself liking her. Even in this one she doesn't really appear until 100 pages in. But when she does... how could I put this? She annoys the crap out of me. She's selfish, full of it, and bitchy. I don't know whether this is how she truly is or just because circumstances makes it as such. Either way, I don't like her. She's not as cool as I thought she was. Maybe this will change in the last book. Things seem to always be going all over the place! X3

Side characters! I LOVE the side characters! Minho is one of my favorites. Not only does he have the name of a SHINee member but he's sarcastic, a smartass, and can definitely beat the shit out of you if you piss him off. I love how he's always on the move. He NEVER lets anything stop him. Minho is one of the few characters that went through a HUGE character development. You see him start off kind of pathetic and then he grows into this fighting machine in this book. (I didn't really like him at first but now, I want nothing bad to happen to him! He's too awesome!) My absolute favorite character out of the entire series will have to be Newt! Man, I love that boy! He is so sweet and charming! I love how he is able to show compassion, worry, annoyance yet still keep a calm, collected exterior. He's very level-headed but he also has this great sense of humor that makes me love him all the more. Plus, he's British! (At least, he sounds like he might be British!) I love boys with accents. <3 Not to mention he's loyal and protective! Has a good heart and a gentle soul~ *Swoons* I love Newt~ *Slaps self* Uh... *ahem* ...yeah. There are a few new characters that appear but we don't know much about them. Two among them are Jorge and Brenda, Cranks infected with the Flare (read the book if you want to know what those two terms mean). Jorge was an okay character. He got annoying at times but I blame the Flare. Brenda has a unique role, to say the least. However, I do like her! She came off as elegant and tough. She was confidant with herself but not in a slutty way. She took what she wanted and didn't let anyone tell her otherwise. Throughout the book, it did feel like she was changing a bit. But, once again, I blame the Flare. I hope nothing bad happens to those two.<br/>
In conclusion, this book is fantastic! I really recommend everyone who loves dystopia, suspense, and insanity to pick up the first and second and, when it's released, the final books of this trilogy. It is amazing and epic and wonderful and... I could go on and on. Dashner is a fabulous author. Reading this series by him makes me want to check out his other works because I am truly impressed with how well he can write a story. Simply beautiful! Really looking forward to the last book! I know it's going to be great! Well, my lovelies~ That's all for this review. This book is sex. Read it. I will take my leave of you now. I'll see you in the next review... of whatever book I pick up next! XD