Breaking Up (Fashion High Graphic Novel) - Aimee Friedman, Christine Norrie ...why do I put myself through such torture? Just... why? I just don't understand. I hate books/graphic novels/manga/anime/anything you can think of like this. I can never read them with a straight face or with love because I just HATE these types of books! I really do. Yet... here I am... reviewing this... because I actually read it. *Sighs* Sometimes I wonder what goes on in my head. Oh well... so I went to the library... picked this up... because I felt like reading a comic book. And this is what I got. Nothing but a bunch of stupid high school girls complaining about high school drama that really shouldn't be a problem in the first place but is... for whatever reason and the girls... BUNCH OF SHALLOW PEANUTS! Bah! How!? Why!? I can't! AKHNDSKDFNSKNDSLDLKNSKDCNSKJNDCSKNDCSLJMNDCSLNDCKSBNKSNDCSKLNK,SNDCSKLNDCK,SNDCBKSNDCKNCSJKB

I'm a little better now. Let's move on to an actual cohesive review.

Aimee Friedman wrote the story to this graphic novel. Yeah... Nothing amazing to add here. She wrote a story that people have been writing for years! Some girl wanting to be popular, being afraid to be herself, friends betraying each other, guys being douches, another guy being sweet, guys pressuring girls to have sex, etc. Same old, same old. There was nothing new her. Nothing invigorating. Nothing exciting. Typical high school drama. But I guess... that seeing as how that was the goal to this whole graphic novel, there's not much I can say against it. Going into this book, I knew that this was the story. I knew I was going to hate it. And I did. However, considering the whole "high school drama" was the main point, I can't fault the book. It set out to prove something in this "dramatic high school" and I think it succeeded. So, even though I hated this book, I can't say it was awful for what it wanted to do. Hence, the two star rating. (But if it was up to me, I'd give it a one.) Why didn't I give it a higher rating? Well, it HAS been done before and doesn't ass anything new to the plate so I don't think it deserves higher than a two.

Moving on! The art style. I actually liked the art in the graphic novel. Christine Norrie did a pretty good job. Everything is so detailed and the line art so clean, smooth, it just makes me happy to look at it. Despite what's being said story-wise, I was actually very involved with the artwork. I felt the characters were very expressive... albeit cartoony. There were some scenes where there was firing coming out of one of the characters ears and mouth but I liked that! It added flavor to what was going on. It made it comical and made me interested in what was going on... even if it was short lived. All-in-all, the artwork was amazing. There was only one panel I did not agree with but that's more of a personal issue. I liked the character and to have her drawn as being a "backstabber" really put me off. But like I said, personal issue. Norrie did an excellent job with this graphic novel. This is about the ONLY thing I enjoyed about this book. Everything else blew...

Like the characters! I bloody HATED the characters. Well, all except two. First character I hated was the main character, Chloe. She was so shallow. She claimed not to care about popularity but the moment when a guy who is considered a "geek" starts showing her affection and she finds herself returning those feelings, she's embarrassed to be seen with him. She keeps him a secret from her "friends" (they aren't real friends) and then denies she ever had feelings for him. Just... ARGH! She doesn't really improve much towards the end either. Another character I hate was Isabel. One of her friends was having guy trouble (boyfriend trying to pressure her into sex) and she says to give in to him! WHAT FRIEND GIVES THAT ADVICE!? A SHITTY ONE! She, too, pissed me off. I think the character I hated the most was MacKenzie. She was your typical slut cliche character. Wanted to be popular, have the hot guy, sleep around with whoever, and didn't want to be seen with "losers." Jesus... I hated her. If I talk to much about her then spoilers would be revealed but... ugh... she makes me sick. Now for characters I liked. Erika is also a part of the group of friends Chloe is in, but she was the only one with feelings and a brain. She stood up for herself when people walked all over her. She was understanding of everyone's problems. She was the only one who I was okay with. She didn't get on my nerves and I was hoping to see a lot more of her than that blasted Chloe. Seriously, Erika was cool (plus, she has an awesome name! Yay for anime references!!!) Another character I was okay with was Adam. In school, he was known as a "loser" but really, he was sweet, kind, and gentle. He didn't deserve to be with a certain someone. I was hoping he would get someone better but meh. I liked that he was forgiving despite what happened to him. That was a cool thing for him to do. Let's just face it, readers, Erika and Adam were the only two that made it worth all the pain I went through reading this crap.

Here's the run down: if you like reading about high school drama, pick this graphic novel up. I think you will like it. If not, STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS! You will go insane and want to kill something or burn something (like this book). I was not a fan. It made me roll my eyes more than a couple of times. I was really wishing this book would end. In fact, I hated this book so much that it took me FOREVER to finish it. I can get done with a comic book in half an hour tops! This took more than a week! So... it's up to you. Read it if you really want to. If not, skip it. I'm off to bleach out my brain... AGAIN! DX