Blood Red Road - Moira Young Ugh... this book started off strong and then it just flopped right in the middle of it. First thing I was put off from was the writing. I just couldn't get into the illiteracy of it all. However, I did started warming up to it once things were explained. How books are no longer in existence and how people don't even know what words are. I came to understand why Young chose to write the book this way. And I'll be honest with you, I DID like the concept of the world. The story fascinated me! I wanted to learn more about the desertland and how it came to be. I wanted to learn more about what happened to the Wreckers. There was just so much I wanted to know! So for that, I give it five stars! When it comes to characters, the love story, and the ending? No. It just fell through. The love story between Saba and Jack was forced onto you. They didn't even know each other for a day and already they kissed. Not to mention Saba was just irritating as hell. She was immature and self-centered and just plain obnoxious. The rest of the characters were no better and the few that were, get killed off for no apparent reason but to add a little more "drama." The one character that I will give props to is Emmi. She started off as whiny and annoying, but she grew! The only character to really show development throughout this entire book. She became brave and smart and... when your eighteen year old sister starts acting like a panic-stricken little cunt whilst your nine-year-old self needs to calm her down, there is something very wrong here. And that ending? Cheesy and cliche much? Ugh! So predictable as well! Whatever... the concept is good but everything was just executed the wrong way. *Sighs* Still, give it a shot. It's not that bad once you look past everything. It's at least thought-provoking. Check this book out at the library!