Sisters Red  - Jackson Pearce Well, this book was a lot better than Pearce's first book. This one had a lot of action, great suspense, and wonderful fairy tale lore. The writing improved tremendously from her first book to this one and I like her re-imagining of Little Red Riding Hood. The characters were ten times more better than they were in her previous book. I especially liked Scarlett. She was a total badass! I liked her drive and her no-nonsense attitude. At times she was a little too obsessed with the hunt but I could overlook that. Rosie wasn't that bad either. I didn't like her as much as Scarlett because I felt her mind was always on less important things but... whatever. Silas... I am torn about. I really loved him for the majority of the book but then he does something and it makes me question whether I like him or not... but that could be mostly of personal reasons. What I didn't like about the book was that I felt there was too much mush. The romance between Rosie and Silas, though cute at first, got really old really fast. There were some parts where I felt the book dragged on and on about nothing important. Even though I really enjoyed the main plot, those other unnecessary things really got in the way for me. Still, I highly recommend you read this book if you like fairy tale retellings and a book with fairly enough action! It's worth the read.