iDrakula - Bekka Black Oh my word... never I have ever read a more revolting book as I did this one. It wasn't anything like the original Dracula. NOTHING! I can't even see myself writing out a decent review for this book because I am just so... disgusted by it. Black did a horrendous job in adapting the original story into her own. It turned out to be more of a mediocre drama than a Gothic horror story. All of the original characters were so amazing and brave! These characters? They certainly are NOT amazing. I couldn't stand any of them. Mina, the character I love so much in the original, was just another girl worrying over her cheating-ass boyfriend, Johnathan (who was faithful in the original). I just... I am exhausted with this book. All the characters were changed dramatically to the point that there was absolutely nothing left of their original selves. It was poorly executed and I just cannot recommend anyone to read this. If you are curious enough then give it a try. Otherwise, don't bother.