Beowulf - Gareth Hinds, Unknown, A.J.   Church Beowulf has always been a favorite of mine. Ever since my ninth grade English teacher introduced it to me years ago, I fell in love with Beowulf's bravery and the battle against Grendel. I've read it countless times so, naturally, I was excited to see it in graphic novel format. And trust me when I say that it does not disappoint. It is beautifully told through Hinds' magnificent artwork and carefully modernized, though still of poetry-spoken, text and I was completely blown away by its beauty. This is definitely something that all lovers of the Beowulf epic poem should have in their collection. I know I will be adding it to mine! The only thing I feel I should warn you about is that it is a bit shorter than the poem itself because most of the story is told through illustrations. However, that shouldn't stop you from picking up this wonderful adaptation of the Beowulf classic. Read it, people! Read it!