Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman This book is one of those books I hated so much... that I LOVED it! I'm serious! Everything about it made me want to rip my hair out but it was because of those actions that made me realize the book was amazing! The story, the characters, the myths, and just about everything else made me squee for joy! I love my dragon books so when I heard about this I just had to go and pick it up! I do not regret it one bit!

I am in shock at how well of a writer Alison Goodman is! Not to say that I didn't think she would be good. It's just that I never read any of her work so I had no idea if I was going to like her writing or if I thought it was going to be something that's not really to my liking. But am I glad that it is! It's so lyrical and so descriptive! Oh, is it descriptive! Goodman did not leave out describing this fantastical world of hers! It's so imaginative! Also, I love how Asian culture was the main inspiration for this book! I love Asian culture so this book was just that much more awesome for me! It was constructed elegantly and effectively. For that, I will give my thanks to Goodman for writing a most wonderful novel!

Let's get into the characters! We have Eon (or Eona... depends on how you look at it) and she's a pretty decent character. I like her but a lot of the time I felt that she was stupid. I wanted to smack her for not realizing certain things because you, as the reader, are able to see it clearly but because she's a character in the book, she has no idea what's going on. Another problem I had with her was that she was always looking to others for help. She could never decide what to do on her own and that really annoyed me. However, this was a good thing. You want to be annoyed because in her world, women are looked down upon and are considered weak. These ideals have been implanted on her for so long that she truly believes it to BE true. It's not until the end of the book you see that she finally defends herself and trust me... I WAS CHEERING MY HEAD OFF! Despite the fact that I really didn't like her at the beginning... and she did the most stupid thing anyone could ever do at the end (you'll know what I mean when you read the book), I thought she was a good female character (who doesn't fall in love with the first guy who comes knocking, thank God) that went through a very good character development.

Supporting cast! Let's see... there's quite a few characters here: The eleven other Dragoneyes, the Apprentices, a few Shadow Men, and the list goes on but I will only mention the ones that play a huge role. First, Master Brannon. He is the master of Eon/Eona. He looks out for her and tries to console her into doing the right thing. He... crawled under my skin. I had this weird air about him but he played his part and for that, he was an amazing character. There's Rilla and Chart who are very close to Eon and watched over him since he was a peasant. Tyron, another Dragoneye, and Hollin, Tyron's apprentice, were kind and helpful to Eon when he needed guidance in controlling his dragon powers. Another character that I like (but is a bit full of himself) is Prince Kygo. I like him but he did have the "I beat you up if you don't obey me" that comes with being a prince but he proved to be useful so I forgive him. There's Ido... and he's a douche... a huge douche... I hate him. Moving on... my two favorite characters are Lady Dela and Ryko! They are the best ever! Caring, considerate, loving, funny, intelligent! Everything I love in my characters. Also, I am totally shipping their pairing! They are going to make wonderful babies together!!! ...wait.

My conclusion is for everyone who loves fantasy to get this book! If you like Asian culture, then that's just a plus! I really like how this book was written. It was great high-fantasy and you could never go wrong with a book about dragons, right? I know I never could! The only caution I advise is if you are sensitive about how women are portrayed during the olden days, then you might want to skip it because... it will make you upset! *Still angry from all the beatings* Anyway, I love this book and I will definitely get my hands on its sequel, Eona. You should, too! Read it!