A Cool Moonlight

A Cool Moonlight - Angela Johnson, Kamil Vojnar Ah, such a cute little read. I like this book. It was short but very sweet. I've never read a book that was centered around the disease Xeroderma Pigmentosum so I was interested in Angela Johnson's spin on the rare skin disease. However, this is by no means a dark book. It was very light and sometimes fluffy. I thought it was a pretty good book to read in just one sitting. I was a little disappointed with how, besides not being able to be in the sun and other UV-Rays, we didn't learn much else from the disease. However, we did get something more sweet instead so it made up for it.

Johnson's writing style is not for me. I was rather annoyed with how there were absolutely no capital letters in the book. Also, at times it felt like the book was written by a two-year-old because the writing style was too simplistic. I understand the fact that it was written from a eight/nine-year-olds point of view but I think the author could have written it a bit more creatively than just making it too simple. I felt like I was back in grade school reading this even though it's supposed to be for young adults. I don't know... maybe if it was directed towards elementary school students than I would understand her choice for writing the book like this. But it wasn't, hence, I'm annoyed.

The story was cute, though. I really enjoyed Lila's character. She's so young and innocent and only wants to find a way to be in the sun without having to have layers of clothes and wear big sunglasses. I understood her longing and I felt like I just wanted to jump into the book so that I can help her as well. Alyssa and Elizabeth are two girls who appear to Lila at night to play with her and claim they can help her be in the sunlight. They were fun and adorable little girls. Monk, Lila's sister, was very caring and understanding. Lila's father sounded like a cool dad that always treated Lila as his angel. Lila's mother was a bit a stick-in-the-mud but it goes within reason. She wants the best for her daughter and I don't blame her for being strict at times. Then there's David. I love that little boy. He is such a good friend to Lila even though he goes to a different school and sometimes can't always be there to spend some time with her since he needs to be up and about during the day. I love the characters in this book and the ending to the story was just so sweet. It gives you a sense of relief and tells you that Lila is a very strong little girl and will be able to handle her disease.

This was a very cute novel. I am glad I read it. It shows that even if things seems to be difficult, with a little faith and heart, you will be able to overcome anything. I know I had some issues with the writing style and you may have some, too, but I don't think you should let that stop you from reading this sweet book. The concept for the book is very creative and it does let you see some of how the daily life is with someone that has Xeroderma Pigmentosum. I enjoyed this book. You should check it out if you haven't alreay!