Missus Buck

Missus Buck - Katrina Parker Williams You know... it is safe to say that I will forever love all stories written by the fabulous Katrina Parker Williams! This short story was very engaging, dramatic, and had intriguing characters. I was really pulled into the story and what was happening. I was actually losing my mind because of one character there that deserved to get all forms of torture bestowed upon her!!! But more on that later. How quickly I went through this story but it wasn't because of its length. No. It was because everything moved along at a nice pace and once you start reading, you just can't look away for even a moment!

Ms. Williams was kind enough to give me a copy of Missus Buck and I am so glad she did! After reading Trouble Down South and Other Stories by her, I just HAD to get my hands on this and read it. Her writing style is so elegant, so beautiful. She paints a glorious picture for the readers to see everything the characters are seeing, feel what the characters are feeling, and even go so far as to taste what they are tasting! (Seriously, I have cravings now for poached eggs and potatoes... *Drools* Man, I'm hungry!) I am so pleased with how this story came out to be. You feel so many different emotions reading this. The main emotion being anger. Hell, even HATRED! I cannot tell you how many times I wish I were in the story just so I could beat the living daylights out of a character!

That character? Missus Buck! Yes. The same as the title. She was the most repulsive, disgusting, vile, vulgar, egotistical, self-absored, non-benign little twit I have ever come across in the reading world (And that's saying something!). I just couldn't stand this woman! Everything she did infuriated me! I hate her "high and mighty" attitude. I'd like to shove a stick down her throat just to shut her up! Her mouth only spewed out vulgarities that she felt she was in the right to say. How she belittled people! Absolutely belittled people for something as superficial as skin-color or one of commmon status. She's an awful human being and deserves everything bad that comes her way! (She was actually an excellent villian and brought out the emotions she was supposed to get from the reader! Amazing!) Another character I didn't really care for was Norris... because he listened to whatever "Mummy" wanted. *Scoffs* Weakling! Well, there's one part where he stands up for his wife... but he still annoys me. -_-"

All the other characters were great, though! Julie, Norris' wife, was very sweet and treated her servants with the proper respect they deserved. I love how she insisted that her son played with Horatio (who you may know if you've read Ms. Williams anthology). I love Horatio. He's so precious... I hate how things started out for him but I love how they are for him at the moment. Victor, Julie's son, is cute but... I feel that he might change into something more... well, I can't say. You should go see for yourself. Now, my favorite character... RUBELINE! God, I love this woman! Rubeline fears nothing! I love how she backed-talk in some parts or muttered something or wasn't afraid to be herself in front of Missus Buck. She was very strong and smart. Even though she's a slave, she did whatever she could in order to not give into that... "woman." *Gags* I hate Buck. Anyway, Rubeline is such a wonderful character. You just fall in love with how heroic she becomes by the end of the story.

I really enjoyed this story a LOT! It was a very good account as to what went on during times of slavery. Also, you get to see a very strong female protagonist and female antagonist. For me, that was pretty epic. X3 There's a lot of crazy drama happening and you want to throw yourself into the fray with everyone else in the story! I highly recommend it if you love stories during slavery and if you like seeing evil people get what they deserve! I warn you though... you're going to be VERY ANGRY throughout most of it... no good Buck... *Glares* Anyway, if you can stomach that stupid old bat then I say you get your hands on this TODAY!