All Summer in a Day

All Summer in a Day - Ray Bradbury This is one of those stories that makes you want to destroy things... and by "destroy" I mean "kill." I cannot begin to tell you how much I HATE this story. Okay... I'm lying. As you can see by my rating, it's an amazing short story. It teaches you so many things! It's such a short story you wonder, "Why are there not stories written like this in novel format?" To answer your question, friends: Books today suck. But that's not why I'm here today! I'm here to rant and rave and tell you how much this story infuriates me, fascinates me, and taught me, long ago, how to be a person. I think it's vital for everyone to read this. Even if you're an adult or a child (I read this when I was in second grade/six years old), it can benefit you as a person. It'll help you grow, teach you what not to do to a person, and (most importantly) teach you not to crush someone's dreams. Anyone's dreams. That is the lowest of the low you could ever hope to achieve.

In my honest opinion, I think Ray Bradbury did an amazing job with this story. I read it back in elementary school and I remember the HUGE impact it made me as a child. In fact, thanks to this story (and a few other events in life), I was able to grow into the person I am today. I learned how evil it is to be jealous and where that jealousy could go. I never wished harm on anyone (unless they deserved it), I never wanted to destroy anyone's dreams, and it helped me be creative! I know, this last one doesn't seem to fit. However, I'm talking about my personal experiences. Reading this story as a child brought my dreams of a world that didn't include a sun to fruition! It sounds depressing, I'm aware, but I never liked the sun. The sun, for me, symbolizes a false hope. A light shining down on you just to bring unwanted attention. It represents me being in the spotlight, having many adults surround you, expecting everything from you, and going out to the edge just to please them. The sun (besides the God-awful heat, the unbearable brightness to it, the inevitable sweat and smell that comes with it) seems to shine on all the ugly in the world just to emphasize how imperfect everything is. A world where there was absolutely no sun, only rain to wash away all the grime and filth and nothing to emphasize how imperfect everything is... that was a world I wanted. And although the message here is nothing of the sort, I wanted that. This story helped me to believe that it's not impossible to find such a world. Years later, I still feel that way. I understand that the sun represents life, hope, and freedom. However, growing up the way I did... death, deprived, and prisoner was its meaning to me... besides, it just makes you feel so bloody uncomfortable! Who likes that sticky, sweaty feeling it gives someone? Ugh!

Anyway, no more ranting for me. Let's get back to the actual story! The writing was amazing! There's a few lines in this short story that made me go... "Wow... that was written beautifully!" I love Bradbury's depictions of Venus. It brings a smile to my face. And it's bloody Venus! I hate Venus! It's my least favorite planet, aside from Mercury! But he managed to make me want to see it just for how he described the entire thing. I love this story and the message it gets across by the time you read it. This story IS mostly focused on the message more than the actual characters. Mind you, there are some characters worth mentioning. Like Margot. She's this cute little girl who used to live on Earth and had to move to Venus because of her parents' jobs. She's rather depressed because she is a child who absolutely loves the sun. When I was young, I never understood it because I hated the sun (you know why now). However, reading this again as I'm now older, I know exactly how she feels like. I sympathize with her. I know what it's like having something you love so much taken away, having to move to a place that represents your hell, and then having no one understand what you are going through. It hits home... straight home... Also, being the center of other kids' amusement, the target of bullying, it... it's rough. Everything Margot went through, though being in slightly different circumstances, I can relate to. She's a very precious child and I do love her quite dearly. I'm not going to say things like "I hope for the best" because being on the other end of things and knowing how painful they can be, those words mean nothing except an empty promise and more hurt. I will say this, she must keep fighting. For herself and no one else. Giving up is the worst thing to do. I won't tell her to keep fighting but I will advise it. It... will bring something... not sure what... but something will come of it... *Shrugs* Might not be so bad either.

Those blasted kids! I hate them! Truly hate them! Remember how I learned not to wish any harm on others? Yeah, well, I also learned it's okay if they deserve it, and damn it, they deserve it! That whole "Must not be hateful and must always bring peace" bullcrap doesn't go with me. There's no way you can be peaceful in this bloody world. It's not possible. So I say, "BRING THESE BASTARDS DOWN!!!" fits a lot more than that crap. Revenge... is always sweet~ In any case, I'm not saying that's the message here either. No. The message is... a bit depressing and a lot more meaningful... I'm just saying what life taught me! XD Yeah... I want these kids to suffer. But no! They are not the only ones I am mad at! I don't like the teacher either! As a kid, you don't really think about it, but she has just as much fault as those kids! When she was going to let them out into the sun, all she did was ask "Are we all here?" instead of actually checking herself! How irresponsible was that!? Completely! Maybe it's because I studied this for my ECE (Early Childhood Education) degree I was able to pick up on her behavior, but if she was my kid's teacher, I'd have her hanged! No joke about that! That was so careless on her part. If she knew how to be a proper teacher, none of this would have happened to Margot. Stupid teachers... I swear, teachers suck! Anyone who loves their teacher to death are rejects because the majority suck and will turn on you in a second... (Except the rare ones that are actually cool... you guys are excluded in this rant.)

To sum up my rambling, this is a fantastic short story! It helps you turn into a more positive person! (Hard to believe considering what you just read above...) If you have children, let them read this... or better yet!!! Read it with your child and point out all the good and bad. This is such a good educational piece for your child or anyone's child to read. I highly recommend it. It might seem a bit depressing for them but don't shield your child so much! The world is ugly and they must face facts that not everything is going to glow under the rays of the sun. However, if they read this, once they grow up... they might just make it a little closer to it... just a little. Help them grow into worthwhile people. That, my lovely readers, can be the biggest gift you ever give your children. Teach them and maybe... one day... that "sun" you all seem to be so crazy about? Yeah, it could be theirs... if only you let them.