Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost

Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost - Gary D. Schmidt, Henri Sorensen Robert Frost, one of my most favorite poets of all time, wrote many wonderful, moving, inspirational poems I have ever stumbled upon. Reading them again, after not being exposed to them since I was a child, was a great nostalgia trip for me. I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading this book. So many great poems! Not to mention the famous one "The Road Not Taken." If you ever took an English class, chances are you came across this poem and it is so amazing! Of course there are other great poems in here as well. Like, "The Tuft of Flowers," "Going for Water," and "Out, Out--" In fact, all the poems are worth reading. Even the ones that I didn't enjoy as much. If you are a fan of poetry or Frost, definitely pick this up!

This book even has footnotes by the editor that helps you understand the poems a lot better. Schmidt did a fantastic job in trying to describe what Frost was feeling or going through to better assist the reader in truly grasping what the poem is trying to portray. Another thing I enjoyed about this book were the illustrations. Henri Sorensen's art was brought to life by Frost's poems and vice versa. The landscapes, the mix and matches of colors, the imagery... it was all too beautiful. My words just fall flat compare to the beauty that is Sorensen's work.

As I said, pick this book up. Even if you are not a child anymore, I think you could benefit from reading this. Poetry it a great way to exercise the mind. Especially if that poetry belongs to Frost. The artwork and the footnotes in this particular volume just enhances the experience. You will not be disappointed. I know I am glad I read this book after so many years! I will be encouraging my best friend to read this, that's for sure~ <3