World of Warcraft: The Essential Sunwell Collection

The Essential Sunwell Collection - Richard A. Knaak, Kim Jae-Hwan What a read! It was filled with action, adventure, magic, fantasy, and dragons! I am quite a fan of dragons... and elves... and anything magical for that matter! I never played any of the WoW games but I was still able to get involved in the story and the introduction in the beginning of the manga helps you understand quite a bit from the WoW universe. What appealed to me most about this manga was its artwork. Jae-Hwan Kim did an excellent job in drawing all the panels. The backgrounds are so beautifully designed as well as the characters and the other-worldly creatures. The dragons were my favorite design by far! I just cannot get enough of the artwork. The best character was Dar'Khan. He was so deliciously evil~ I couldn't get enough of him. Knaak did a fantastic job in writing this. The only thing I have to make clear is that if you haven't played the games, you might be slightly lost. But that's just a minor setback. Everything else is so enriching that not playing the games shouldn't hinder your enjoyment of this manga. I say pick it up and give it a shot!