Karneval, Vol. 3 (Karneval, #3)

Karneval, Vol. 3 - Touya Mikanagi Love this series... I might just start getting lazy reviewing these because all I want to do is keep reading! DX

Here's a quick review:

Story is engaging.

Characters are lovable and quirky.

Villains are asswipes.

Mangaka is a troll! (FREAKING CLIFFHANGERS!)

And I am having all sorts of feels for Yogi. ;_;

This volume was depressing but so good! The manga just keeps getting better and better with each new volume. Read it! Buy it! Support the mangaka for the awesome work that was put into this series!!!

And that's my review... heh... might try out this style for a while. At least, until I finish the manga. Right now I just want to keep reading!!!