Karneval, Vol. 4 (Karneval, #4)

Karneval, Vol. 4 - Touya Mikanagi One day I will write quality reviews. That day... is not today.

Another fantastic volume of Karneval. I adore this series so much and this volume was especially fantastical! (That's my English.) It was filled with so much raw emotions! You just become so attached to the characters with what they are going through. Gareki, Nai, Yogi, Tsukumo, Hirato... all of them! All of them go through so much in this volume that you need to hold back all the manly tears that WILL flow from your eyes! The characters are fantastic (minus Jiki... he's a bloody douche) and the story is slowly unfolding. There are so many questions you want to ask but you have no idea where to start! Touya Mikanagi is such a great story-teller.

I could go on and on but like I said, I don't feel like doing quality reviews. I've hit a slump with reviews so there's no need to force myself, right? Right. One day I shall return to this and review it properly because this is a series that deserves all the praise and recognition it gets. It is an engaging story with character-driven plot that pulls the reader in. I really can't recommend this manga enough.

Curse you, Mikanagi, for pulling me in and getting me so hooked to this series that I end up dreaming about it at night! Curse you and your brilliance and your ability to draw sexy characters! (And I mean that for both men and women. They are all sexy.) Curse you... and bless you for making another volume after this! See you there~