E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core! (The Guardians, #2) by William Joyce

E. Aster Bunnymund and the Warrior Eggs at the Earth's Core! (Guardians of Childhood Book #2) - William Joyce

And I continue straight into the next installment of this beautiful, magical series. Last time I told you how much magic and whimsy means to me whenever I read a book and how these books contain such magic. Well, this time, I want to talk about the actual construction of the book.


This book is written the same way as the first: simple, to the point, and feel-good. It's the type of light-hearted reading you look forward to after a difficult day. The type of book you want to read to forget about the troubles of the world. It's a lovely story filled with warmth and love and hope. I adore this type of book.


The characters are quirky and endearing. North is feisty and hot-headed. Katherine is brave, sweet, and caring. Bunnymund is egg-centric (see what I did there?). Ombric is the good-natured, sometimes gruff grandpa. And, of course, we cannot forget about Pitch. He's the "villain" who you want to see have a good ending. All of these characters, as silly as they can be sometimes, you just want to invite over and have a grand adventure with. You want to be friends with them all.


I love stories where beings you know have existed all along come to life in such a meaninful and thoughtful way. I have been a fan of these books ever since I read them years ago and I still love them. This book is fun, full of magical adventures, has a whole crew of amazing characters, and can help any child or adult find their ability to believe again. I recommend these books for the good feelings they instill in the reader.