Gold Unicorn (Unicorn, #2) by Tanith Lee

Gold Unicorn - Tanith Lee, Mark Zug

After having read Black Unicorn, and how much I enjoyed it, I had to get my hands on the next installment in the trilogy. Gold Unicorn carries a much darker tone than its predecessor, however, that does not mean it was less enjoyable.


I love how dark the world and the characters became. I enjoyed seeing the behemoth that was the Gold Unicorn. In fact, this book introduced a new concept that a unicorn could be! But that's all I will say about that. I went in not knowing that concept and I feel like it's best if everyone else did, too. It was something I have never read before about unicorns and it was a refreshing idea to read about.


My one complaint about this book was how taken Tanaquil was with Honj. I did not see the appeal to Honj. To me, he was rather patronizing and someone who enjoyed belittling others. But, for some reason, Tanaquil, a smart and capable woman with her own strengths, was infatuated with him... and it made no sense to me. I would have enjoyed the story just fine if that aspect was not added in. But oh well.


It was still a fascinating story to read about and the "other worlds" are just as incredible to explore. If you like magic, adventure, and unicorns that are powerful creatures that can strike fear into those who gaze upon it, then I highly recommend you pick up this series! 


I only have one more left to read! I'm excited to see how all of this will conclude.