The Girls by Emma Cline

The Girls: A Novel - Emma Cline

The Girls was a very interesting read for me. I want to start out by saying I know very little about the Manson Murder case so I was going into this book not knowing what to expect. What I got was quite interesting. We follow a girl named Evie and how she gets involved with these people who, eventually, become the murderers.


Emma Cline an incredible job in writing such a "quiet" yet frustrating tale about a girl growing up during the 1960s and how different it was from the way it is now. I won't lie, there were at times throughout the novel where I was frustrated with Evie's character. She made so many poor decisions which grated on me a bit. However, I also understand that she's only fourteen. She's only just learning what life is like so mistakes are bound to happen. 


The story itself covered just a small portion of the murders. It's much more about Evie's life and how she grew to become her own person by discovering her sexuality and embracing herself for who she is and not some facade she had created for herself.


This book is truly fascinating and if you like coming-of-age stories then I recommend this one! There is sex, violence, swearing, drugs, and murder involved so keep that in mind when reading this book in case that's not your type of read.