Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys

Salt to the Sea - Ruta Sepetys

Once again, I have been amazed by Ruta Sepetys! She is one of my favorite authors and her books are always filled with so much passion that I am captured from the very first page. I love how Sepetys does so much research for her books. You can really tell she tries to make her books as accurate to the historical time she is writing about. Her stories are always so moving and so heartbreaking... she really is a fantastic writer.


This book is no exception. There is so much detail and life not only in the story, but in the characters. I adore all of the characters, even the ones that frustrated me. *coughalfredcough* Each character was unique with their own voice, which is great seeing as how this book was written from multiple perspectives. I know that sometimes writing from more than one character can get confusing, however, I never got confused as to who was talking (it also helped that the characters who was speaking was at the beginning of each chapter)! It was nicely executed and I thoroughly enjoyed reading from each characters' perspective.


Sepetys is known for writing very dark and emotional books and that might throw some people off. However, I like that she writes about these dark histories. These events happened and I'm glad she brings light to these, otherwise, unknown stories. These stories need to be known. All the horror and depressing and grotesque details are vital to know so that we, as humans, don't forget where we came from. What others before us sacrificed so that we have a chance at living. It's important to remember our history so that we may learn from them and become better humans from it. This is why reading is important. So that we can learn.


Please read this important book. It's heartbreaking, painful, beautiful, amazing. Even if this book is not for you, you will still learn about this important part of history.