Amelia Bedelia by Peggy Parish

Amelia Bedelia - Fritz Siebel, Peggy Parish

I grew up with Amelia Bedelia. My mother started reading these books to my older brother when he was a child and she continued to do so once I was born. I've always loved how wacky her actions were and, to this day, I always remembered the scene where she had to "draw the curtains" and she actually starting drawing them in her notepad. 


Amelia Bedelia is a ridiculous maid that takes everything that is said to her literally. Because of that, a lot of funny, wild, and weird antiques ensue. If you love bizarre little stories that you and your child can have fun with, then I highly recommend this book. The writing is quite simple so your child will be able to read and understand what is going on with no struggles. This book is a real fun treat!