The Berenstain Bears' School Days by Jan & Stan Berenstain

The Berenstain Bears' School Days - Jan Berenstain, Stan Berenstain

This collection of Berenstain Bears stories are simple a classic! A lot of us grew up with them. We are familiar with a lot of their stories and the morals that come with being with them on their adventures. If you've read any of the Berenstain Bears books, then you probably know that the Bears usually have a problem, need to solve that problem, and then learn a valuable lesson from said problem.


This particular book contains six stories about the Bears going to school. It tackles stories about it being your first day at school, having to do a lot of homework, and even what happens when you have a bully at school. I highly enjoyed all of these stories and I think any child will enjoy reading this book as well. The writing is simple and easy to understand with their being a bit of social commentary that any adult will appreciate.


If you have a child that's about to start school or might be having trouble in school, then I recommend you and your child to read this book together. There are a lot of morals and lessons one can learn from the Berenstain Bears so it's a good idea to introduce such morals to someone when they are young! Great read for anyone, really!