The Nest by Kenneth Oppel

The Nest - Jon Klassen, Kenneth Oppel

A very uniquely told story. I have never read anything like this. A story about wasps and how a boy deals with his fear of them? It's all very interesting and I don't know what else to say! I will say that Oppel's writing is really good. He has the type of writing style that makes you want to keep writing to find out what is going to happen next. The characters were intriguing. Especially that of Steven, the main character. He is suffering from a mental illness (though it is never explicitly said what illness) and the way Oppel writes about his character is so honest. I adored that about the book. It was respectful and I appreciated that about this whole story.


It's a bit of a bizarre book and I feel a lot of it is more symbolism for mental illness rather than an actual story about wasps, which is what makes it brilliant. Seriously, give this book a read because it's definitely something you don't get to see everyday.