Old Wolf by Avi

Old Wolf - Brian Floca, Avi

I love reading books by Avi. I've adored a lot of his works; my favorite being Nothing But the Truth. All of his books are vastly different, but no less enjoyable. His writing style is very easy to get into and it makes the reading experience feel like it's gone by so quickly when, in reality, you've been reading for hours! I love his books and this one is no exception.


This book follows a wolf named Nashoba and his journey to find food for his pack. Merla, a raven, befriends him and helps him to find food. It's a short little story about how these two unlikely friends work together in order to survive the harsh wilderness. I love stories about animals and "unlikely" animal friendships. It gets me every time!


My one complaint about this story is of the human character, Casey. His addition to the story really irritated me. Mind you, I understand why he was included, but I almost feel he brought the story down so much. His mentality of "I didn't know if I aimed an arrow to a living being it would die" really got on my nerves. I think I would have much more preferred to just read about the wolves and their fight for being alpha with the raven's friendship thrown in much more. Anyway, it was still a very good book and I did enjoy it for the most part.


If you like stories that center around animals, I think you will like this book. Especially the characters of Nashoba and Merla. They really make this book what it is!