The Great Good Thing by Roderick Townley

The Great Good Thing - Roderick Townley

I had no idea what this book was about when I saw it at the library and decided to pick it up. It's a tiny little book about a fictional princess living inside her storybook and wanting to experience something new. Of course, there's more to it than that. Including what it truly means to be a friend and trying to save those you love along with yourself.


I was really blown away by the sweetness of this book. It's what I like to call a "tender read." I really liked the writing style and the little nudges to our own world and how we live as readers. The characters were all quirky, entertaining, and fun to read about. It's a lovely little book and I highly recommend it.


Also, I had no idea this was a series until I looked into it more. Well, looks like I am going to have to get my hands on the other books once I go back to the library!