Lost & Found by Shaun Tan

Lost and Found: Three by Shaun Tan - Shaun Tan, John Marsden

Have I ever mention how much I love Shaun Tan? Because I love him. I've read two other books before this one and loved them. Lost & Found is no exception. I adore this book! Everything about it. From the three stories within to the gorgeous, unique art style, there isn't a thing I don't love about this book.


The first story is called The Red Tree and is my favorite of the three. It follows a young girl going through the motions of a mundane life. This story beautifully illustrates what it's like going through depression and the struggles therein. I was choked up by the images and message in the story and I think Tan captures what it's like having a mental illness that's "invisible" to the rest of the world. I absolutely loved it.


The second story is called The Lost Thing and it's about a young boy finding a "lost" creature and trying to find a place for this "lost" thing. The story tells of what it's like to lose your childhood imagination and what happens to us once we become adults. A sad truth brought to light with Tan's amazing art!


The last story is written by the brilliant John Marsden and illustrated by Shaun Tan and is called The Rabbits. It covers what it's like to have your home invaded by foreign powers. This one, though depressing, is an important critique on how the political system continues to take land, food, etc. from the natives of said land and gives no say in the matter. It broke my heart and reminds me that just because you are welcome at a new place, does not mean you own it and shouldn't even think about laying claim to what's not yours! 


Basically, I'm saying this book is brilliant and you should read it. The stories and art make this a fantastic read that will stay with you for a long time to come. I really cannot wait to read more of Shaun Tan's works. I have a feeling I am going to enjoy all of them just the same.