The Arrival by Shaun Tan

The Arrival - Shaun Tan

This is definitely one of those books that you must experience for yourself for its beauty, its brilliance, its magic. Shaun Tan is a brilliant storyteller. His works always contain a type of majesty about them that leaves you breathless. I love the art style to this graphic novel and even though it's wordless, you get so much of the story by just taking in the art. For a story about immigration and what it's like to get away from one country because of war, famine, etc., the art is one of the most important elements to this story... and it works. It works extremely well. I was left awed by the end of it.


If you can get your hands on this book, take it. Read it. Absorb it. Because it is one of the best books I have read this year. Amazingly done. I cannot wait to read more from Tan in the future!