Armada by Ernest Cline

Armada - Ernest Cline

What a disappointment. I was really excited to read Armada. Ever since I've read Ready Player One, I was a fan of Ernest Cline. I really enjoyed the story, characters, and writing of his book so I was really excited to read his new book. However, I was greatly disappointed. 


The first thing that threw me off of this book was the writing. It wasn't engaging one bit. I felt like all Cline was doing was explaining the "plot" to me rather than letting me experience it for myself. And speaking of the plot, there was nothing unique to it at all. We've all been exposed to this sci-fi "alien attacks Earth/wants to destroy humanity" plot countless times and the use of pop-culture references to tie it all together was just too much. Not to mention how heavy-handed it all felt.


I also couldn't stomach how convenient every obstacle had a solution. The main character's girlfriend, Lex, sole purpose was to be a "deus ex machina" of sorts. If Zack, main character, needed something hacked, she knew how to hack it. She could hack anything but only when the plot deemed it so. Oh! And Zack was another problem I had. He had the bad habit of believing everything that was happening and then questioning it when it was least important. If the world is coming to an end, why are you making things even more difficult than it needs to be?


I know I am being vague, but I just want you to understand my frustrations with this book.


I was just not a fan. It was ridiculous, plain, and just boring. There were many problems I found with this book, however, I'll end my rant here. I will still read anything else that Cline writes because I really liked his first book, I just hope it's an improvement over this one.