The Incarnations by Susan Barker

The Incarnations: A Novel - Susan Barker

It's difficult to me to really say I enjoyed this book when it deals with a lot of horrendous issues. Rape, domestic violence, drugs, etc. are just among the few. However, the way Susan Barker handles these issues is done brilliantly well! She is such a fantastic writer. She was able to write in a very unabashed manner that literally churn your stomach during certain scenes throughout the book. But that's what I liked about her writing. These things that people go through happen all the time and it would be a shame to censor oneself to these atrocities. You should educate yourself to these crimes... even if they are quite grotesque.


The story itself is brilliant! To see the lives of these characters reincarnated over and over, seeing the literal hell they had to deal with in each lifetime, and the pain it causes... it was hard to read... but important to read. I won't say anything more because you just have to read it for yourself.


I don't think this book if for everyone. As I've said previously, it is a very difficult book to read. However, I will encourage you to pick it up if you are curious and willing to learn and go through what these characters go through. It's a ride that will leave you sick and with scars, but I think it's worth it.