Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

Revolutionary Road - Richard Yates

Wow... this book... this entire story... sums up what I've been feeling in my life for... years now. This story really has done something to me. It's difficult to describe because it's rather personal, but it really has moved me in a way where makes me question if I really am doing all I can... understand? I don't know if I am making sense.


Basically this books has left me distraught. April Wheeler, one of the main character, has really tugged on my heartstrings. She is by no means a perfect person. Hell, she's not even a good person. However, I love her in all her imperfections and I really wanted the best for her. However, Frank Wheeler, the other main character and April's husband, was and is a complete asshole. I'm sorry. There's just no better way to describe him. He's a vile, sexist, egotistical, self-absorbed, disgusting man I have ever read about. I couldn't stomach him at all and that made my feelings towards April that much more sympathetic.


The writing is absolutely breath-taking. The way Yates uses language to move you to feel whatever he wants you to feel is, quite frankly, astounding. I really did enjoy his writing.


Mind you, considering this was written in the sixties, it does suffer from its time. Like using a few racial slurs and being mildly homophobic so if that's something that would upset you, I don't think you should read this.


However, if you like stories about life, an accurate account on what life is like for many people, then I highly recommend this book. It is really moving and heartbreaking and... really makes you question your own life. It is absolutely brilliant.