Searching for Dragons by Patricia C. Wrede

Searching for Dragons  - Patricia C. Wrede

Can I say that I love the Enchanted Forest Chronicles even though I've only read two out of the four books only? Because I am going to say that! This installment is just as good as the first. Lost of magic and adventure and hilarity~ I'm telling you, I love the commentary some of the characters provide to the readers. There were many moments where I found myself laughing at what Mendanbar was saying or the insults the gargoyle kept spewing at the King. All of it was highly entertaining!


Wrede has created a very magical world with an interesting magic system. I love how the magic is explained better in this book and you really feel like performing many of these magical acts could be possible. Her writing continues to blow me away and I cannot wait to read the remaining two books of the series.


If you love fantasy, adventures, and characters with a lot of quirks and a bit of sass then you should give this series a read. Not to mention it's one of those few series that actually gets the romance down RIGHT! Where it doesn't take away from the story at all. It's just a nice little tidbit added on. Man, this book really is refreshing to read.