Mad About Madeline: The Complete Tales by Ludwig Bemelmans

Mad About Madeline: The Complete Tales - Ludwig Bemelmans, Anna Quindlen

I grew up on Madeline. Her books, her cartoon series, the movie, everything Madeline. She was one of my role models growing up! Along with Matilda, Helga, Alice, and Sara Crewe. Madeline showed me that just because I was a little girl, didn't mean that I had to be a quite, timid, shy, or dainty child. She showed me that girls can go on adventures, too! They can have a mind of their own! They can be fearless! She was so inspiring to me that she helped a lot throughout the tough times when I was younger.


Bemelmans did an amazing job in writing six wonderful stories about this incredible little girl that both girls and boys can relate to. I believe many children will find inspiration in these books when it comes to life and adventure. With his simple yet beautiful illustrations and his ability to weave words together to make a neat little rhyme, Bemelmans reaches out to more than just children looking for someone to look up to, but adults as well.


If you haven't read any of the Madeline books yet, please do. I am sure you will be able to find something about them to grow fond of.