Among Others by Jo Walton

Among Others - Jo Walton

Another brilliant book by Jo Walton! I have truly become a fan of her works. I recently read Tooth and Claw by her and adored this! And, whilst I do love Tooth and Claw a bit more, I loved Among Others just as much.


Walton knows how to write. He words just spill off the page into my brain and it's oh-so-delicious! I know that's a weird way of putting it but I don't know how else to describe her authorly brilliance! This book contains magical realism and that's always been a plus for me when it comes to books. The main character, Mori, is obsessed with books and it pleased me, as a reader, to see so many books being talked about. I've added quite a few to my TBR as well. I loved how Walton talked about fairies and how  there's magic all around. It felt like being in your own little Fairy World.


If you like magical realism, fairies, books, libraries, and the un-explainable, then you should definitely read this book! It is so much fun and just helps bring your mind to life! I LOVE Jo Walton and her books~