Erika-san by Allen Say

Erika-San - Allen Say

I had a great time reading this book. The illustrations are phenomenal! And the story was cute, too. I really liked the main character, Erika, and how she just fell in love with Japan and its history when she was a child. She reminded me of myself. I loved how so worked so hard throughout her life so she will one day be able to live in Japan. The only complaint I have about this book is its length. I would have loved to see both lead characters developed more. I wanted to learn more about the struggles Erika went through and I wanted to see her relationship with Akira fleshed out more. However, aside from that, I thought it was a very cute read.


If you love Japan and a story about achieving your dreams with lovely artwork, then I think you might enjoy this one. Just keep in mind that the story is not developed enough to fully immerse yourself into Erika's life.