Rain Reign by Ann M. Martin

Rain Reign - Ann M. Martin

This is an amazing book about a girl and her dog and what she learns from having one. I'm not going to lie... this book... broke my heart. It's not an easy read. Mostly because the main character, Rose, has Autism and that hits close to home for me... I have two brothers with Autism and... it's not easy.


However, that doesn't mean I did not enjoy this book! On the contrary, I felt happy to get to know Rose and her interests. Not to mention it's such a nice change to see such a diverse character in a book. The writing is stunning and I always felt like I could understand Rose as a character. Plus, her dog, Rain, is such a delight. I also loved her uncle, Weldon. Such a beautiful and caring man. Rose's father... not so much, and that's all I will say about that.


I do feel like I should give a but of a trigger warning to this book, though. There's a bit of emotional and physical abuse so if that's something that would upset you, you might want to hold off on this book.


That's not to say you shouldn't read this book. It helps the reader to better understand what it's like to live with Autism and does show you how you must have patience in these situations. I just think this is a beautifully told story with a lot of merit in all sense of the word.


Go ahead and read this book. It's a good one!