Guardian by Alex London

Guardian  - Alex London

I love this book! I loved it just as much as I loved Proxy. Alex London really knows how to write a gripping story that will have you reading until you get to the last page of the book. I won't say much about the plot to this one because it's a sequel. Just know that it is really well written and the characters are amazing! I only have one complaint about this book. As it is with Proxy, there are a lot of typos. I don't know why this book and the previous one is loaded with them but... well, there you go.


Everything else about the book I loved. From the story to the characters. Just everything. Syd and Liam are great protagonists to follow and Marie is still a badass. Cousin is very intriguing as well... if a bit insane. I found his complexity most enjoyable to read about. I really hope London continues with this story because the way it ended leave a lot of room to explore.


If you read and liked the first book and you love dystopians, then I highly recommend you read this book. It's a very quick, fun read that I think you will enjoy.