Skin Hunger by Kathleen Duey

Skin Hunger - Kathleen Duey

I first heard of this book through my best friend. She said that it was a really creepy, but fantastic book and since I love reading things that make my skin crawl, I thought this would be a perfect book to read! And I am so glad I did!


The story is so interesting with its magic and how horrible it truly is. The writing style is brilliant! It's told from dual perspectives; one story being told in the past in third person and one being told in the present in first person. I really love how clever it was of Duey to tell the story in such a manner. Really helped the readers keep the time difference separated.


I love the characters. All of them! You can tell they each have multiple layers to who they are and what they want to accomplish. And some characters just really tore at my heartstrings! (Hahp and Gerrard being those who gave me all the feels! ;w;) There were characters that I didn't like as people but that I like as characters (if that makes any sense). Duey did an amazing job at creating so many different and interesting characters.


I really liked this book and if you like books that's slightly horrifying with a unique magic system and interesting characters, you should give this a try. However, know going into this that this might contain some triggers to people with eating disorders and suicidal thoughts. Also, the ending is a bit of a cliffhanger so if you don't like those kinds of endings, make sure you have the sequel on hand.


I really did like this book and I am really looking forward to seeing what happens next in the story!