The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter - Beatrix Potter

I really adore Beatrix Potter's short stories about Peter Rabbit. They are so sweet and charming. I cannot get enough of them. The writing is really simple. It's easy to get into and fly on through the story. And the character of Peter Rabbit himself is a fun and mischievous little bundle~ The stories Potter wrote later on in her life were not among my favorites, however. This was around the time she was basically tired of writing and only kept doing so because people asked her to. Thing is... it really showed in her stories. Her later stories were not as engaging. In fact, they were quite bland. I found myself quite bored with her later works. That's not to say I dislike this book! I actually really enjoyed it! I just think it's a shame she had to keep writing stories when she no longer felt the drive for it.


If you like children's literature and stories about little whimsical woodland creatures going on adventures then I think you will like this book. It was really fun despite the staler stories and I am quite glad I finally got to read Potter's works.