A Treasury of Bunny Stories by Beatrix Potter

A Treasury of Bunny Stories - Beatrix Potter

I am just flying through the books today~ Got another review for you!


Ever since I was a little girl, I have always heard of the name Peter Rabbit. I knew it was a series of books written by Beatrix Potter but I never got around to reading any works by her. Instead, I became well acquainted with the educational computer games of Reader Rabbit and through him, I felt like I knew (more or less) who Peter Rabbit was.


I was wrong.


Reader and Peter are nothing alike. Where Reader was sweet and gentle, Peter is a lot more mischievous. Peter goes out of his way to get into trouble all the time, despite the warnings his mother gives him. He's a rambunctious little bunny and I really am glad I got to know him properly.


This book of short stories was a lot of fun to read. Potter's writing is so sweet and gentle... even when she is describing a man with a gun who's hunting rabbits (read the book and you'll know what I mean). I adored reading her short stories and poetry about rabbits. It was so entertaining, so sweet, so engaging that I can understand why her books are considered some of the best in children's literature.


Read this book. I feel, even as an adult, these stories are timeless and you can enjoy them. You will enjoy them.