The Boy Who Spoke Dog by Clay Morgan

The Boy Who Spoke Dog - Clay Morgan

This was a cute short book. The plot is simple. It's about a boy stranded on an island full of dogs and how he learns to co-exist with them. The writing itself is simple and makes this an easy and quick read to get through. But it works with what the author has set out to do. I really liked the characters. Especially the main character, Jack. He is kind, sweet, caring, and a bit clumsy but so charming. I adored seeing how this boy was so resourceful when it came to surviving on the island. His companion, Moxie, was also a sweetheart. I love how loyal she is to Jack.


I really did enjoy this boy. It's short but sweet. One complaint I have is how it ended. ON A CLIFFHANGER! Ack! I need to know what happens next! But that's, you know, a minor complaint on my part. I just have no patience whatsoever. X3 Anyway, read this book if you are looking for a simply written middle-grade book about a boy stranded on an island full of dogs. It's a really fun read.