The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson

The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson

I don't like giving out low ratings to books. I try to read them fully and try to find something of merit in them. However, this book was a struggle to get through. I did not like anything about it. The first this that put me off to it was the writing. It's as if Carson was trying to write intelligently but it just came off as forced and awkward. Her wording on some descriptions didn't make sense sometimes. Then there were moments where it was just unnecessary.


"I smiled with my mouth."

You don't say? I was unaware that was what you used to smile. Huh... go figure.


Another thing I couldn't stand was the lack of plot. Main character goes from point A to point B to stop a "war." That's it... everything else was just the main character moping and complaining about how nobody noticed her and things like that. Not to mention how food-obsessed she is. She can't stop talking about food for one bloody second! DX It was driving me nuts.


Which brings me to my next point! Elisa, the main character, is so unbearable! She is so self-absorbed, inconsiderate, and downright pathetic. There were many instances where she said things she had no reason to say. For someone who claimed to be over shadowed by her "beautiful, thing, and intelligent" sister, she sure did get a lot of pampering. She's a freaking princess! Of course they were going to pay attention to her. Not to mention she is considered one of the most powerful beings on Earth because of her "Godstone." (The magic in this world is not greatly explained but that Godstone is placed in the navel of the "bearer" and has to do some sort of "act of service" for God... whatever.) But when it came down to actually doing anything useful she whined about how she wasn't good at doing anything and slowed everyone down involved. And she's stupid, too! She got captured by EVERYONE because she doesn't know how to defend herself like a normal human being. One point in the novel she had to stay in hiding. That's it. ONE JOB. And she gets captured. Yet, despite all of this, EVERYONE is in love with her. Oi... my head.


I don't want to keep bad-mouthing the book. It's not fair to the book and to the people who like it so I will end my rant here. I just wanted to mention all the reasons the book did not work for me. This is just my opinion. You might have a different one. This book is not my personal favorite but it might be yours. You know what you like. I don't. If this book has always been one of interest to you, then go ahead and read it. You might like it.


As for me, I am not going to continue with this book or the rest of the series. It's just not for me.