Delirium by Lauren Oliver

Delirium  - Lauren Oliver

A few days ago, I finished reading Lauren Oliver's Before I Fall book and thought it was an okay read. I had my problems with it but it wasn't so bad that it put me off of reading her other works. When I heard she wrote a dystopian novel, I decided to pick up Oliver's second novel, Delirium. And, let me say, I am quite glad I did. This, like her previous work, has some flaws as well but I am willing to look over that since the plot was just so good.

One thing I want to make clear now that I have read two books by Oliver is that she has such an amazing talent for writing. Everything flows so beautifully; like poetry. Her way with words takes my breath away every single time I read her work. It's incredible. She also has a way of telling a story. When she is focusing on the plot, she is able to captivate the reader and makes them want to continue reading until they get to the end of the book. I cannot stress enough how wonderful of a writer she is.

The premise for this book is very unique and interesting. When she focused on the main story and not the romance (more on this later), I was so invested! I wanted to learn more! I wanted to see what her characters were going to do in order to stop this "government" from controlling its people, wiping out some of their brains and convincing them love is evil. I just wanted to know everything about this world, as sick and twisted as it was. When Oliver told this part of her story, that's when she shined her brightest.

...her brightness dulled into barely a spark when she tried to create "character development." For as wonderful a writer I think Oliver is, she is not so talented in creating characters. They are always dull and selfish and whiny. Lena, main character, starts off as a scared little baby and her friend, Hana, was brave! Fearless! However, somewhere along the book, they swapped personalities! It was very off-putting and really took me out of the story. And Oliver's attempt at romance is laughable at best. The entire time I was reading about the romance, I felt that Oliver tried her best to force both Lena and Alex together every chance she got. They barely knew one another for three days and already they were infatuated with each other. She gave them no room to grow or to show each other who they were. It was instalove and I did not appreciate it one bit. The only character I enjoyed in this entire book was Gracie, Lena's cousin, and considering she doesn't appear much in this book... that's not saying much...

I do think this book is worth reading. It's a bit slow towards the middle of the book because that's when the romance is focused on heavily (which really killed the mood of the book, to be honest), but don't let that stop you from reading it. It has a very interesting plot that really gets going towards the end of the book and ends with such a cliffhanger! My word! The writing is excellent and, even though the characters are not that great, it's still worth reading for Gracie! I am excited to see where this series goes next. Give this one a read for sure!